March 11, 2014 - 10:33 pm

Nikki Greene – Photography

“My name is Nikki Greene and I’m a San Francisco-based photographer working solely in film photography. I mainly shoot 35mm, 120 film and various new and expired instant films.

I’ve always been attracted to the tacky, the absurd and the ironic. I’ve been shooting film for over a decade and it has consistently been the only activity that truly interests me. My current work is an attempt to encapsulate the humor and eccentricity that make life worth living in a beautiful, yet frustrating world full of rich assholes and desperate people.

I graduated from University of California Santa Cruz a while ago, used to host an all female radio show in SOMA, and sometimes contribute writing and interviews to San Francisco Arts Quarterly Magazine.”

Andrea Heimer: Painter

“Andrea Joyce Heimer (b. 1981) is a self taught painter who currently lives in Washington state, where she trains jumping horses in the summer. Heimer’s paintings document the neighborhood mythos of her childhood home in 1980′s Great Falls, Montana. Adopted as an infant and plagued by lifelong clinical depression, Heimer struggled early-on with feeling disconnected from her family and community. She began to battle her loneliness by means of observation, and became an all-seeing, all-listening, all-recording witness to the people and events that defined the history of her small piece of suburbia. Heimer was fascinated by the dramas she became privy to–the mundane mixed with supernatural, the violence and the kink–nearly Shakespearean in their breadth. Now residing far from her Montana roots, Heimer pays homage to the sagas whose presence made her complicated youth more bearable — and also offers a tip of her hat to the strange histories unfolding in suburban neighborhoods everywhere, in hopes each area finds its own witnesses to record the stories that may otherwise be lost forever.

Heimer’s paintings live in private collections in the US and abroad, including the collection of musician Paul Simon. Heimer was recently one of three finalists for the Seattle’s prestigious Neddy Award in the painting category.” –

March 05, 2014 - 10:01 am

We are thrilled at the overwhelming response and applications that came in for Idrawalot Collective’s Residency Program of Winter/Spring 2014.

We wanted to thank all the applicants that took the time to submit their work and portfolios. The Jury is officially in progress now reviewing and doing their best to make the selection.

We can not wait to get this started and assist the chosen artist in the near future.

We will be posting for a second call in the Summer/Fall 2014 shortly – so please stay tune to the website for more information.

December 09, 2013 - 12:17 pm

Deadline Extension: -Application deadline February 28th, 2014
-Notification of acceptance during the first week of March, 2014

Idrawalot Collective Berlin Germany Residency Program

Idrawalot has been a gallery and showroom for the last two years in the hub of Berlin’s contemporary art scene. We have hosted exhibitions and worked with local and international artist. The Showroom focusing on Zines, Books and Art Prints. Showcasing art in it’s purest form as well documentation. Our aim is to focus what we have built within the art community of Berlin to focus on a personal Residency Program to further your career as a working professional artist. Through means of networking with galleries, meeting and working with local and international artist, social media, press, video documentation and more.

Idrawalot Collective Berlin Germany Residency Program is a free one month studio and residency for working artist in one of the most important art capitols of the world. Providing valuable resources and support for working professional and emerging artist. Specializing in Drawing, Screen Printing, Painting, Murals, Urban & Contemporary Art. Residency is open for artist of all mediums and disciplines.

Berlin has a thriving international art scene that has made the city its own. This high-energy scene is constantly in flux and benefits not only from Berlin’s low cost of living and its space and freedom. Berlin has over 500 gallery ranging from every discipline. A huge range of museums, galleries, DIY-spots and artist resources and supplies.

The space has it’s own private bedroom that is comfortable, clean and with good lighting. There is a kitchen, fridge, stove and work table. 2 bathrooms, one with a shower. Laundry access is available.

Work studio is a large room with high ceilings plus access to the basement where most of the screen printing equipment is setup along with storage for art materials and supplies, paints, inks, papers and more. There is a large work table in the basement. A drawing light table is available as well. The studio room has two windows from the street which provide good lighting throughout the day time. Space is shared with Artist “Addison Karl.” 24/hour access to work.

The residency is a Free one month live and studio space. You are responsible for flight and transportation to Berlin, Germany, local transportation, food and other misc expenses during your stay.

- 60-sq. meter studio and living space
- Private Bedroom, Kitchen and Shower
- Shared Art Studio space with Artist “Addison Karl”
- Facilities access: Shared Large Workspace, Light Drawing Table, Screen Print Setup
- Wi-Fi access
- 24-hour access to the building
- Visiting local and international Artists
- Video Documentation
- Social Media Support
- Mural Wall
- Stipend for Art Supplies

Residency Dates:
Residency is flexible for the artist to choose from the end of Winter (February – May 2014) to early Spring 2014 on a first come first book bases of the finalist/selected artist.

-Application deadline February 28th, 2014
-Notification of acceptance during the first week of March, 2014

All applications are only accept via

1. Artist Bio and CV
2. Written explanation of interest with this residency
3. List of 3 references
4. Provide Images of Pervious works
5. Pay a $40 processing fee

December 06, 2013 - 3:39 pm

We could not have asked for a better evening with friends, family and supporters. The Adiós Event for Idrawalot as a Gallery and Showroom space was incredible. Packed house all night, bar being sold out by 10:30… you people drink to much – but I love you anyways. We had incredible artworks for the Silent Auction Exhibition. Works from Cyril Rylsee, Adrian Buendia, JUST, Bera White, Andrea Wan, Addison Karl, Katrin Hagen, Daniela Roessler, Johannes Mundinger, Cyrus Smith, Ryan Dooley, Klone, Noa Ginzburg,Nichole Rathburn and all the other artist. Big-Ups to everyone for bidding. Winners will be contact in the next few days after some R&R.

Huge Props to Pete Corrie for making amazing tattoos for folks that wanted to get something to remember for a life time.

For those new faces that made your way in before the changing of the guard – better late then never. We were thrilled to have you in for at least one look.

Klone and Billy made an incredible mural – filled with all sorts of curiosities and wonder.

From the bottom of our hearts – Adrian and I would like to thank all of you for your support, kind words and love over the last two years. We are looking forward to the next progression of Idrawalot and the community within.

- addison karl & adrian buendia

April 20, 2014 - 8:33 am

Completed – next stop Brussels for Odyssée Tour Exhibition

Title: Te Ata
Medium: Acrylic on Skateboard
Deck Size: 21cm x 81cm
Year: 2014

Artwork by Addison Karl

April 17, 2014 - 8:32 am

Title: Blur
Medium: Ink on Paper
Size: A3
Year: 2014
Paper Color: White – Matt
Weight: 250g/m2

Artwork by Addison Karl


March 05, 2014 - 9:54 am

The usage of process and theory to rework and re-invent technique.

Title: phoenix
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 100cm x 155cm
Year: 2014

In Process:

February 09, 2014 - 11:19 am

A few drawing projects over the week.