November 11, 2014 - 4:15 am

Title: The Fisherman & The Fish
Medium: Mural – Acrylic and Spraypaint
Size: 40meters x12meters
Year: 2014
Location: MOST Art Festival – Moscow, Russia


Based on a Historical Folklore from Russia, Alexander Pushkin’s “The Fisherman & The Fish,” written beautifully in 1833. The mural is a symbol of the responsibility we all share to be environmentally sound in our decisions to not take from nature to the point of turmoil and nothingness. The Fisherman’s Wife is painted into the sea with five shades of blue getting darker and darker based on her demands of Greed.


Historically, very little actions were taking to oversee the Environment during the 1800s. It was a concept relatively unknown – but the fore-shadowing of it was written clearly in this Folklore. Relevant to our current time and conditions of our Oceans, Forrest and Planet.


This compiled with our natural tendency towards being greedy and asking for more and more. Current issues with the Advances and Aggression Russia is currently undertaking in Ukraine and Crimea combined with Neo-Fascists creating a dark-undertone for the Sovereignty of Ukraine – nearly a 100 year cycle from events in the past. Within this greed for power and consumption it directly affects the people in senseless killing, murder and human suffering.


I hope this mural will give people the chance to step back and create intelligent dialogue to discuss these things with proper action that will give us all peace of mind and our independence.

Thank you to Ivan and Daria for all your support to help this mural come to life. Sergio, and the folks that helped and supported to make this happen.

Much love and thank you,
– addison


November 02, 2014 - 7:10 am

It is not very often you have the opportunity to work on an Art Project that has a real effect on people and their community. “Colors of my Home” is a social project working with different Roma Families living in Berlin, focusing on the children that live there. Use art as a means to create dialogue and discussion to bring them together. It was a pleasure to interact with the kids like Adi and the rest of them.

Had the great honor to paint and collaborate with some very talented artist, BLO, Tankpetrol, DeerBLN, Yoh Nagao, AWK, Wesr & Paola Delfin.

Thanks to the support of Urban Nation for putting this project together – effective means for real-time change.

Finished – Collaboration with Paola, Yoh and I. Photo Credit: by Yoh Nagao

Adi Being a Color Theory Master

In Progress – Yoh. Photo Credit: by Christian Rothenhagen

In Progress – Wesr. Photo Credit: by Christian Rothenhagen

Kids Drawing on DeerBLN Artwork. Photo Credit: by Christian Rothenhagen

In Progress – Tankpetrol. Photo Credit: by Christian Rothenhagen

Finished – AWK. Photo Credit: by Christian Rothenhagen

October 02, 2014 - 4:46 pm

Paper Color: White – Matt
Ink Color: Icy Gray, Winter Blue, Mauve, Lilac Purple, Black, Frozen Blue
Edition: 50
Size: 70cm by 50cm
Weight: 300g/m2

Available for Sale: Buy Me

Printed at Le Raclet Studio – Huge Thank you to Bera for all your help and support to make this print happen.

Based on Photography by Andrea Lavezzaro:

October 01, 2014 - 2:24 pm

Title: Laying Over
Medium: Spraypaint
Size: 25′ X 10′
Year: 2014
Location: New York City – Bushwick Collective

Quick times in New York to paint a little something for the Bushwick Collective. Had a nice spot one the front corner. Always like to have different surface types – a different experiment using ghosting of basic depths and shades with hard abstracted geometric shapes of the figurative form. Nice to use the door as the shape for the figure to be draped over – camouflaged in for a second read.

Big thanks to Jaime and Steve at Brooklyn Street Art for the recommendation with Joe at Bushwick Collective. Thank you Joe for being wonderful and helping with the organizing. Thanks to Tyson for the spot to paint and the support while being there.

It was cool to run in to Daniel again from Rochester – and then in NYC. Thanks for coming back and hanging out for a bit.

New York is awesome – looking forward to coming back.

September 20, 2014 - 3:01 am

Saturday, September 27
12:00pm – 6:00pm
At: Idrawalot — Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin, Germany


Idrawalot is proud to present two incredible tattoo artist:

Christopher Robin and Pete Corrie!

These two artist will be inking out their magic on Saturday the 27th, September. From 12noon to 6pm.

For appointments and more information please contact:
Christopher Robin:
Pete Corrie:


Christopher Robin: &

Pete Corrie:

September 09, 2014 - 7:43 pm

From Phoenix to Berlin – Chris comes to Idrawalot for the next two months and has set up shop to tattoo. With 18 years experience, it is pretty incredible to see him work magic on people. Not to mention he is an insanely good gifted artist. Literally my Brother – so we are stoked to have family under one roof.

For appointments or questions through the end of October at Idrawalot:

Instagram Feed

Welcome and stoked to be here with you.

September 02, 2014 - 9:18 pm

We are looking forward to Itamar’s Residency in November. Until then here is some recent work from him:

“Waking up in a war area.
Outside alarm from loud speakers are overcoming my alarm-clock, bombs are falling and I am running to the studio where I will be safe. Now, In this shelter is where i am the most vulnerable. doubting myself, struggling. What is the point of making art when people are dying and the world is on fire. Why do i need a shelter if i am dying from the in side.”

August 14, 2014 - 9:26 pm

Habitat: Northeast Asia – Manchuria
Height: 3 meters
Length: 5-6 meters (with tail)
Weight: 95 kg
Lifespan: 12-15 yrs.
Diet: Nuts, berries, fruits, leaves, roots, small rodents, small insects & small reptiles

Giant Jerboas are the distant cousin of the common place Jerboa. Due to their hind-legs they are commonly thought to be a variety of Kangaroo – however this is in fact not true. They are bipedal and have been clocked up to speeds of 20 kilometres per hour.

The Giant Jerboa is very similar to it’s small cousin in a lot of regards – it has been a mystery to modern day scientist why this variety were able to grow so large in the same region of Manchuria, China. They live in rock formations and small caves – some dens are set for life – and often times they have been known to drive out predators from these locations. Unlike their smaller cousin the Giant Jerboa are known to live and hunt in packs – working together to find and secure food.

Within their colony – they are known to be polygynous with their breeding habits. The time period starting in the beginning of Spring and can happen several times a year for the female to produce a new litter. The litter is between 1-3 young.

Sadly the Giant Jerboa is an Endangered Species – these two here are the last two known to the planet, named “Betta” & “Alex.” Both are females – there is no hope at reproducing or having this species live past these two. In an effort for their conservation they have been removed from their natural lands and environment. The majority of their natural home has been altered and or destroyed by human intervention – with no efforts of a natural conservation.

Raising the question as to the ethics of how as Humans we co-live with other species and fellow animals. Which is the worst crime; the destruction of natural environments or the removal of animals to a foreign environment. How can we prevent this from happening to other species of animals?

Thanks to Urban Nation (Yasha, Alex, Betta & the rest) for the support of this project and installation. Installed during PM5 curated by VNA Magazine.

More Info:

August 04, 2014 - 3:24 am

Title: Luong Mural
Medium: Acrylic and Spraypaint
Size: 150′ X 40′
Year: 2014
Location: Rochester, New York – Fedder Building

WALL\THERAPY is a public community-level intervention using mural art as a vehicle to address our collective need for inspiration.”

It is strange to me the ever colliding worlds of people’s lives that have affected my life the most. The distance twiced removed – only to come back full swing. Impact on both sides for betterment. Amy Faulkner doing some of the best non-profit humanity work in Seattle – a good person – an incredibly hard worker and the best assistant for painting.

The short description of Wall Therapy on their website falls so short of everything they have accomplished and are to the community of Rochester, Supporters and all the Artist, plus so many more. It would need to be a manifesto in written-form to take care of the kindness they have shown through creation, vision and public art.

When you receive an invitation email – it is easily missed as to the experience that will be had. I could have never imagined the reality of what Dr. Ian J. Wilson and Erich Lehman have created in the past years. Their dedication to creating not only a forum for murals and public art – but a strong community of supportive volunteers and an experience that will be remembered for a life time.

On my first day the overwhelming “Welcoming” as all the artist that were in town, the volunteers, organizers, and property owners gathered for breakfast – this was common place every single day – with people donating time and food to make sure everyone had a good start. In an environment like this – it makes it easy to stay creative and want to paint the best piece you have ever done. It feeds the imagination and willpower to do so.

For 11 days straight and several times well into the night time- we worked nearly non-stop missing a lot of the social events including a sweet dance party. Using 27 gallons of mostly recycled paint – and a ton of cans. All worth it to take care for this 4 story tall industrial building. The connection of humanity – bring a sense of solace in deep thought from a man living in Brussels to Rochester.

There is absolutely no way possible this mural would be realized if it were not for all the unconditional help from everyone involved. HUGE THANK YOU TOO: Naj Zayed, Nate Hawke, Alyssa Weir, Mariah, MR.PRVRT, Thievin Stephen, St. Monci, Lea Rizzo, Kat Jackson, Erika, Aaron Kroh, Amy Faulkner, Dr. Ian J. Wilson, Erich Lehman, Chris O’brien, and the whole crew, volunteers, community, Fire Station 9, Artist and supporters of Wall Therapy.

Photo Credit: Mark Deff –

More Info:

July 17, 2014 - 6:52 pm

Round 3 – Idrawalot Collective is proud to announce our next Artist in Resident: Itamar Inbar

I am 29 years old, from Israel. grow up in a small village 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv. I did my first creative steps when I was about 19 years old, while serving as a soldier for the army. Being frustrated of my life as a soldier; I started painting the street and army base walls, I was told to protect.

At 21 I moved to Tel Aviv and started working as a graphic designer in different newspapers. graphic design didn’t cut it for me, I wanted to bend the rules, to go out of the grid and template of the newspaper. So in order to work on my own ideas I decided to study ‘Multi-Disciplinary Art’ at ‘Shenkar’ College.

In my work I use a wide spectrum of materials and media: drawings, videos, motors, projection mapping and every day ready made objects. The idea is to find new techniques of expression with every new project. Focusing on site specific installations with emphasis on using space in ways that will challenge the viewer in how he looks, moves and experiences the artwork.

Since I graduated from art school one year ago, I established an art collective with ten other artists from different fields, it’s called ‘Anti Eraser’. We work together, have weekly meetings and do group exhibitions every 3-4 month in Tel Aviv.

Last time I have been to Berlin was at November, then I did an artist residency at Agora Collective.
Moderately Comprehensible was the out come of it:

The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel is currently exhibiting a video installation of mine called Memorandum:

At ‘Gvirol’ – Art and Cutler Center Tel Aviv – Gallery I am showing a deferent video installation that is part of the ‘The Art Law’ exhibition of the art collective ‘Anti Eraser’

Website: Itamar Inbar