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Urban Zoo! An International Art Project - Hand Made Zine

Paper Color: White - Matt
Page Count: 24
Hand Made - Double Staple Bound
Published by Idrawalot
Size: A5

Urban Zoo! is an art project utilizing animals from my series and book titled Zoo! Creatures Of Curiosity. The animals have been reproduced, hand cut, and pasted or painted within the urban landscapes of Seattle and Berlin. To date, there are approximately over a 1,000 animals living on walls, lamp posts, telephone poles, and in abandoned buildings.

The project’s concept is rooted in the fact that past and modern environments created/inhabited by humans have eliminated tens of thousands of animal species all over the world. Whether this elmination was done intentionally or accidentally as part of survival is not easily understood however, Urban Zoo! deposits animals back into the very environment(s) that have destroyed said species. The goal of the project is to use art as a means to provide commentary on nature, evolution, and to make humans appreciate other species with whom they are coexisting.

As this art project grows so will the number of animals--in more cities and in different countries all over the world.

Artwork by Karl Addison

$6/+ shipping

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